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C-CHIP Disposable Hemocytometer


C-Chip (DHC-B02) is a disposable plastic hemocytometer used for manual cell counting. It consists of surface-patterned two enclosed chamber with two ports for sample introduction.


DHC-B02 grid pattern is exactly same as the Bürker-Türk grid (French system). It consists of 9 large squares, each measuring 1ⅹ1 mm, giving a total area of 3ⅹ3 mm of counting area. The depth of the DHC-B02 chamber is 0.1 mm.


Precise fixed depth counting chamber with superior accuracy and reproducibility.
No need to place cover glass on slide: possible to do precise quantification.
Reduces the risk of exposure to potentially infectious material.
Increases productivity by eliminating cleaning and work interruptions.
Very light and not breakable, compared with glass.


Blood analysis (Hematology): Blood cell counting
Cell culture: Cell concentration measurement. Cell viability test
Microbiology: Fungal spores counting

C-Chip(DHC-B02) Grid pattern