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Healthcare Information System


Bio-LIS (Laboratory Information System)

Bio-LIS™ is a laboratory management system specialized in both operations and instruments management. As a complete solution for laboratory, it includes all the general modules from accessioning, test ordering, result retrieving and report printing. Moreover, quality control analysis, flexible pricing setup, sample send-out control and billing report are advanced features to assist laboratory operations.

Bio-Connect (Diagnostic Equipments Middleware)

Bio-Connect is an Interface engine and data management system to link up medical instruments such as laboratory analyzers and point of care devices with Laboratory Information System (LIS). It act as a middleware that fills the gap between the two.

Instrument Listing

Bio-HIS (Hospital Information System)

Bio-HIS is an integrated enterprise software applications designed to address every aspect of a medical practice's clinical, financial and administrative workflow, it includes the general modules from general patient registration, schedule rooster, EMR to intelligent billing and reporting.

BBMS (Blood Bank Management System)

A web based blood bank management system design to help manage blood bank activities from blood collection to blood bag distribution. It includes all the general modules from inventory management, patient lab testing, cross matching to distribution. Moreover, trail queries, staff scheduling, authority setup, and billing details are advanced features to assist the operations.

Bio-PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System)

Bio-PACS combine the functionality of radiology information system (RIS) and traditional picture archiving system, providing patient tracking and electronic storage on images such as X-Rays and scans, to ensure the smooth running of the radiology workflow.

Bio-AnID (Antibody Identification System)

A data management system to link up blood bank instruments and provides automation on blood blooding, anti-body screening and identification, uploading results to LIS and generating reports for anti-body identification.